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You can register for a FAMILY account or an INDIVIDUAL account. Each type of account requires an email address.

  • Family account is ideal if you're a parent or guardian that wants to track your and your children's reading progress.
  • Individual account is ideal if you're just tracking your own reading progress.

Don't forget to select your HOME LIBRARY (the Library that is closest to your home or the one that you visits the most) and add you LIBRARY CARD number. If you don't have a library card, you can still register for the Summer Reading Challenge. Please visit our library to get your library card!

Add Readers and Select Program

After account registration, you must add a READER to start tracking your progress. This includes yourself, and anyone else if you have a family account. You must also select a YOUTH or ADULT program for each reader

Earn Points

You can earn points by reporting your reading time, attending library summer program, or (shhh...) get secret codes that library staff will randomly provide at certain programs.

Youth Challenge (0 - 18 years old)

Reading points: Earn 10 points for each day that you read for at least 15-minutes.

Activity points: Earn 5-10 points for completing activities and attending summer programs.

Adult Challenge (18+ years old)

Register online and visit the library to get your Library Bingo card. Complete challenges listed on the card and join us for the Summer Wrap-up Celebration.




The Event Calendar lists all the Summer Reading Challenge programs at the Library. Check this calendar often and join us at the Library. Attending certain programs and performances may earn you additionals points.

Book Lists

Looking for something to read? Check out our Book Lists and click on the catalog link to check the book's availability or place holds on these books at the Library.

Redeem Points

Once you progress to a level, you may get extra points, badges, or prizes that you can redeem at the library.

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